Programs & Resources

NFPA conducts a number of fun, hands-on, programs and provides financial support and free access to resources to better engage students and academic faculty in fluid power instruction.


NFPA conducts a number of fun, hands- on, programs designed to engage students in educational and technical projects, support academic faculty in the teaching of fluid power and connect industry members to future engineering talent. 


Speaker's Bureau

NFPA connects its member volunteers to a local school for either an in-person or virtual classroom presentation to share information about the fluid power industry and the exciting career opportunities in the field.


Fluid Power Clubs

NFPA supports student organizations at universities with annual stipend funding for club activities and provides access to guest speakers and mentors from the fluid power industry.


Vehicle Challenge

The NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge is a competition that challenges college engineering students to redesign a traditional bicycle using hydraulics as the mode of power transmission.


Power Partner

The Power Partner Program showcases universities that actively participate in all NFPA educational programs. The program's objective is to increase the amount of fluid power being taught in engineering programs and enhance student to industry connections.


NFPA provides free access to materials designed to help teach fluid power in the classroom and financial support for students, professors and other researchers.

$2,000 Scholarships

NFPA awards multiple $2,000 scholarships annually to students enrolled in technical colleges and universities to pursue their interests in fluid power careers.


NFPA partners with universities to develop fluid power curriculum that is shared on our website.  

Contact the Workforce Team at for more information. 

$7,500 Research Supplements

NFPA Research Supplements provide funds to principal investigators with existing research grants to facilitate their presentation at and the participation of their graduate students in designated industry conferences and research summits. 


NFPA provides access to free fluid power content and curriculum. Instructors can easily access resources to get started.