Research Supplements

NFPA Research Supplements provide funds to principal investigators with existing research grants to help support fluid power-related idea exchange and academic career advancement.

Program Description and Goals

NFPA Research Supplements are not grants for new research. They provide funds to principal investigators with existing research grants to facilitate their presentation at and the participation of their graduate students in designated industry conferences and research summits. In doing so, the program helps achieve two goals:

  • Support an industry/academic forum where research and education topics in fluid power can be explored and acted on for mutual benefit.
  • Support the careers of current and future academic faculty who are and who will be in a position to teach fluid power to undergraduate engineering students.

The application deadline has now passed. Award notification will occur week of August 22, 2022.

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Supplement Details


Supplement Amount

Up to $7,500


Application Deadline

July 29, 2022


Award Notification

Recipients will be informed the week of August 22, 2022


Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must be the principal investigator on a research award that represents at least $50,000 in funding for the investigator’s institution.
  • The objective of the research award must be related to fluid power components or systems.
a Free Piston Engine Pump...a revolutionary technology that directly converts fuel into hydraulic flow thus dramatically reducing size while increasing overall efficiency

Program Requirements

  • Recipient will attend and present the project associated with their research award at the two summits of the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP), to be scheduled for Spring 2023.
  • Awardees (the PI and one student) of the NFPA Research Supplements are expected to attend all CCEFP-hosted events and participate in one annual CCEFP webinar in the 2022-23 academic year. In the event there is a professional conflict, medical or family issue, an exception to the attendance requirement will be made, however, it is expected that another institutional representative (a faculty member or student) attend/participate in the event/activity as a replacement for the exempted individual.
  • Awardees of the NFPA Research Supplements are expected to present either proposed work or actual results for the project sponsored through the NFPA. If previous work had established the foundation for the current research project (which was funded by NFPA), the previous work may be presented in addition to the proposed work of the currently funded project.
  • Recipient agrees that any funds not used to support their participation and presentation at these events will be used as supplemental support of the project associated with their research award.


Review Process 

  • Applications will be reviewed by the CCEFP to assess quality and alignment with CCEFP research objectives and summit program content.
  • If the number of applications vetted by the CCEFP exceed the available funding, the NFPA will select recipients based on the research projects it deems most closely aligned with the objectives of the NFPA Technology Roadmap.

Research Supplement application