$2K Scholarships

The National Fluid Power Association is offering $2,000 scholarships to help students enrolled in high schools, technical colleges and engineering schools pursue their interests in fluid power.



The application is available from January 1, 2022 to April 3, 2022 at midnight. Selected recipients will each receive $2,000 in scholarship funds after July 1, 2022 to be applied towards tuition costs for school year 2022-23. 



Scholarships are available to students enrolled in an accredited U.S. school with 9 credit hours or the equivalent, who have earned a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale cumulative and who are taking, or plan to take, a minimum of one fluid power course.

High School Seniors: You must provide an admission letter from the University or Tech School Engineering Department providing enrollment.*

College Seniors/Graduating Applicants: Students graduating in May or June of the current year may not apply for a scholarship, unless enrolled in a four year school in the next (fall) semester. An acceptance or admission letter must accompany the application, and the student must show enrollment and/or completion of at least one fluid power course.* Four-year school graduates pursuing a Master's Degree are not eligible for this scholarship.

*If an admission letter is not provided with an application that is selected, it must be submitted before the scholarship award will be issued.



One letter of recommendation, examples include:

  • Fluid power, science, math or technology instructor
  • Principal, dean or career counselor
  • Non-related adult who knows you (outside of your school)

450-500 word typed essay (dated and signed). The essay should cover:

  • Why you chose to learn about fluid power (describe your career aspirations)
  • What impact you think you can have on the fluid power industry
  • Career goals/leadership roles/extracurricular activities
  • Awards you have been given
  • Community service

Note: Your essay will be evaluated based on grammar, spelling, proper length and content. Please give great care to the essay.

For more information, contact Amy Zignego at azignego@nfpa.com.

2021 Scholarship Winners

  • Ashleigh Creeger

    Ashleigh Creeger

    Spokane Community College

    Spokane, Washington

  • Ben Quade cropped

    Ben Quade

    Iowa State University

    Ames, Iowa

    (Raymond F.Hanley Memorial Award)

  • Brendan McCluskey

    Brendan McCluskey

    George Institute of Technology

    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Dana Nestrick

    Dana Nestrick

    Triton College

    River Grove, Illinois

  • Elizabeth Lincoln

    Elizabeth Lincoln

    University of Missouri - Columbia

    Columbia, Missouri

  • Evan Bartelsen

    Evan Bartelsen

    University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Joleen Nush

    Joleen Nush

    Spokane Community College

    Spokane, Washington

    (Robert Mackey Memorial Award)

  • Luke Wille

    Luke Wille

    Iowa State University

    Ames, Iowa

  • Max Kolesnikov cropped

    Max Kolesnikov

    Moraine Valley Community College

    Palos Hills, Illiniois

  • Michael Glochowsky

    Michael Glochowsky

    Triton College

    River Grove, Illinois

  • Natalie Pecaro

    Natalie Pecaro

    Triton College

    River Grove, Illinois

  • Reagan Lawson cropped

    Reagan Lawson

    California Polytechnic State University

    San Luis Obispo, California

  • Sawyer Newman

    Sawyer Newman

    Purdue University Northwest

    Hammond, Indiana

  • Seth Leighton cropped

    Seth Leighton

    Spokane Community College

    Spokane, Washington

  • Zoe Kulphongpatana

    Zoe Kulphongpatana

    University of Kansas

    Lawrence, Kansas