Improving the Fluid Power Workforce

Members of the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) consistently rank workforce development as the most challenging issue their companies face. This is likely because not enough technical colleges and universities are teaching fluid power to their students.

As a result, NFPA has identified growing the fluid power workforce as one of its primary strategic priorities. It is central to its mission of strengthening the fluid power industry. NFPA seeks to increase the number of educated technicians and engineers embarking on careers in fluid power.


Fluid Power Challenge

The Fluid Power Challenge is a series of math and science competitions designed to connect today’s students to tomorrow’s fluid power careers.

Middle school, high school, and college – there is a Challenge for you!

Click Here to See the Fluid Power Challenge


Fluid Power Careers

NFPA Careers helps connect today’s students with tomorrow’s fluid power careers.


Click Here for Fluid Power Careers
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