Programs & Resources

NFPA offers a variety of different resources to educate and excite middle school students about the many fun and innovative careers in the fluid power industry.


Getting involved with NFPA's various workforce programs provides an easy and effective way to introduce the world of fluid power to middle school students! Ranging from inviting industry speakers to your classroom for a single presentation to multi-week classroom activities, there are a variety of programs to bring to your classes.

Action Challenge

The Fluid Power Action Challenge is a competition that challenges middle school students to solve an engineering problem using fluid power. 

Fast Track

NFPA's Fast Track to Fluid Power is a workforce development pathway that connects local technical colleges, industry partners and middle and high school teachers.

Speakers Bureau

The Speaker’s Bureau is an opportunity for industry professionals to showcase the innovation happening in the fluid power industry and inspire students to explore a career in fluid power. 


NFPA also provides middle school teachers with teaching resources such as fluid power curricula, grants, fluid power classroom kits and Action Challenge supplies. 

Learn About Careers

Fluid Power jobs are all around you and offer an interesting career using the technologies of today and tomorrow. 


NFPA offers $500 grants that middle and high schools can apply for annually to help keep fluid power educational opportunities in your community.

Grade 6-12 Curricula

Bring fluid power curricula and hands-on activities to your classroom for students to learn about fluid power technology and all of the exciting careers in the industry.