Action Challenge Grant Application

Action Challenge Grant Application

Grants of up to $500 are available for schools, classrooms, and organizations interested in hosting or attending an Action Challenge event and/or purchasing fluid power kits for the classroom. Grants are also available for hosting or facilitating a virtual or hybrid Action Challenge and/or purchasing fluid power kits for home use.
Please use the telephone number format XXX-XXX-XXXX
Please use the telephone number format xxx-xxx-xxxx

Grant Awards

Grant awards must be used for costs directly related to fluid power instruction, i.e., to purchase fluid power specific materials for classroom activities such as hands-on Classroom Exercise Kits, Action Challenge Event Kits, or expenses directly related to students and teachers participating in Fluid Power Action Challenge events, such as transportation or registration fees. The maximum grant award is $500. Once the project is complete, all grant recipients must submit a summary report, including photos, videos, and/or testimonials. Only one grant award will be given per organization per calendar year, but you can apply annually.
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Example: Workshop Day 2/3/23; Challenge Day 4/14/23
Example: XYZ Hydraulics / PDQ Community Community College - Milwaukee, WI
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