A Judge will take part in morning and afternoon judging responsibilities on Challenge Day.

Judges are usually engineers who work in the industry and are knowledgeable about fluid power. They could also be educators at colleges or school district supervisors. Judges are encouraged to attend the Workshop Day and the mid-project check in.

The Head judge – calculates totals and assigns other judges to specific tasks.

Amount of Judges are based on a 20 team event.

  • Morning Judging Requirements:

    • 2-3 judges for Portfolio Rubric
    • 2 judges for Teamwork Rubric
    • 4 judges for Interview Questions

    Afternoon Judging Requirements:

    All judges participate in competition to move the objects.

    • Head judge announces teams and counts down time
    • 2-3 judges for Design Rubric
    • 1 judge to place canisters
    • 1 judge to remove dropped objects
    • Remaining judges keep count of moved objects and points

    Important Forms for Judges:

    • Judges Duties
    • Judges Rubric
    • Judges Scoresheet (Blank)

    Download these Documents

    After all the teams have competed, judges should come together, total the scores and determine the winners of each trophy category.

    Awards Ceremony

    • Award the trophies to the winning teams, and hand out the medals/certificates to the students.
    • Give each team a copy of their score.
    • Be sure to take a lot of pictures!

  • Q: How much time can a Judge expect to spend on the Fluid Power Action Challenge? 

    A: Judges generally spend Challenge Day  (about 5 hours) on judging duties and talking to the students. It is a great way to connect with the kids. Judges are more than welcome to attend Workshop Day as well, but they do not have specific duties on that day.

    Q: Are there other opportunities to connect with students through this event? 

    A: Definitely! Teachers with teams participating in the Fluid Power Action Challenge could always use help in mentoring students that are preparing for Challenge Day. Ask the Coordinator to put you in contact with a teacher/s who could use some help! You can also talk to teachers on Challenge Day and find out if they would like a guest speaker to come into their classroom to talk about fluid power.