Peninsular Cylinder, Co.
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Roseville, MI

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Chadwick Conte
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Peninsular Cylinder Co. is a leader in manufacturing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, offering standard and custom solutions.

Our story began in 1948, in the heart of America’s industrial base, the home of the automotive industry. An industry that thrives on precision, speed, and reliability, where downtime is not an option. Our founders were visionaries who understood the critical role of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in keeping the wheels of the automotive industry turning. They set out to create cylinders that were not just good, but exceptional, able to withstand the rigorous demands of the automotive industry.

Today, we’ve diversified, but the foundation laid in our automotive roots remains. Our cylinders are built with the same commitment to quality, reliability, and performance that was demanded by the automotive industry.

At Peninsular, we value individuals who are innovative and skilled at problem-solving, providing numerous career opportunities in the fluid power industry.