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Yorkville, WI

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Jeremy Bloom
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Hydraulic + Electric Motors and Pumps
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Poclain Hydraulics is an independent industrial company specialized in the design, manufacture and sales of hydrostatic transmissions. Our expertise, known throughout the world, enables us to operate in highly diversified markets such as agriculture, building and construction, material handling, the industrial and highway-related sectors, the environment and many others.

Our company vision is based on four values :

Our independence which is guaranteed by the stability of our family ownership and the quick reactions of our management.

Our capacity for innovation which enables the company to make major advances in its business. Over 6 % of sales is invested in R & D.

Our international strategy, the source of our growth, thanks to investment in emerging markets and to reinforcing our dedication to environmental development.

Our reliance on the diversity of our people in strengthening our position as a world leader and improving our performance in a lasting manner.

Some figures :

More than 2,000 people worldwide (more than 65 % out of France)

Up to 4 % of payroll dedicated to training

Ten production plants on three continents (France, USA, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, India & China)

Nineteen sales facilities

Over 150 distributors worldwide

Find more about us : www.poclain-hydraulics.com

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Additional locations in France, Italy, India, China, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia