Continental Hydraulics
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Shakopee, MN

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Marietta Manchester
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fabricated metal/machinery heavy industry equipment/ food and beverage /agriculture/ medical/pharmaceutical/asphalt / chemical/ manufacturing oil and gas mining/renewable energy / power/ forestry/pulp & paper construction/ transportation/plastic / rubber/other markets.
Describe your company culture

Commitment: We do what we say we’ll do. We take charge, we drive it, develop it and deliver it. Quality and safety are a priority to us — we’re accountable.

Solutions: We think differently. By always asking why we go beyond what’s presented to us and innovate at every opportunity — we’re passionate.

Growth: We aim high at all times. We create opportunities for ourselves, our customers, and our stakeholders at large — we’re ambitious.

Partnership: Our customers rely on us. Our expertise and insights enable trust, openness, and collaborative working that foster sustainable and long-lasting relationships — we’re here to help.

We hope you will find satisfaction in your job and take pride in your work!