Judges and Mentors

The final competition relies on the volunteer commitment by industry supporters. An added benefit for the industry that supports this program through its donations to the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation includes the identification of high-performing students to hire into the fluid power industry.

A team of industry judges is responsible for guiding student teams, evaluating documentation and assessing the vehicle on-site at the Final Competition, using the FPVC Assessment Rubric.


At least one industry mentor is assigned to each team to coach throughout the year. Student teams check in with their mentor at least four times about things like their vehicle design, component selection, assembly and testing and final adjustments before the final competition.

A team of marshals will be responsible for ensuring teams are operating in a safe and sportsmanlike way during the entire event, and in particular, during the Sprint Race, Efficiency Challenge and Endurance Challenge.

A small team of timekeepers will be responsible for the clock, recording time, and submitting data.

NFPA Education and Technology Foundation Pascal Society Members are invited to participate in the Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge. Industry supporters may fill a number of roles for the program — an ambassador of the initiative, a mentor, a judge, competition field marshal, a corporate sponsor or component donor. Questions about serving as an industry volunteer may be directed to Lynn Beyer.

October- February

  • Participates in at least one Kick-off and one Design and Specification Midway Review webinar with student teams.
  • Serves as technical program expert.
  • Understands and enforces program and design rules.
  • Communicates the importance of safety to Student Teams.
  • Provides guidance on best practices, and implementation of parts.


  • Based on electronic documentation, determines each vehicle is operational and admitted to final event.
  • Oversee vehicle assembly and conduct safety inspection prior to final event.
  • Participates in the assessment and scoring of each individual team and determines category winners.