Getting Started

The NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge strives to promote original thinking in a competitive setting by combining two technology platforms that are not normally associated with one another—human-powered vehicles and fluid power (hydraulics and pneumatics). The first, as exemplified by the bicycle, is recognized as extremely efficient in terms of input vs. output. The second presents more of a challenge in terms of efficiency, especially at low speeds. A fluid powered vehicle, then, presents engineers with a familiar yet challenging platform for change.

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Final Competition

Danfoss Power Solutions and Norgren are the final competition event hosts! 


NFPA Pascal Society donors support this program. See how they’re involved!


A detailed outline of the Vehicle Challenge program.

Educational Webinars

Download and review videos to learn more about fluid power as it relates to this program.

Meet the Teams

See what universities are competing and review previous year’s submissions.


Based on the decisions of the Judging Committee, $13,000 can be awarded in prizes to teams that place in these categories! Award funds are issued either directly to students or to the home university to support future Vehicle Challenge efforts.

Overall Champion

Best Presentations

Best Teamwork

Sprint Race

Efficiency Challenge

Endurance Challenge

Best Design

Best Workmanship

Best Reliability & Safety

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