Teacher Support Materials

Bring fluid power curriculum and hands-on activities to your classroom so that students can learn about all of the creative and innovative careers and experiences that this industry has to offer!

Basic Classroom Lesson Plan

This curriculum is a great starter that gives the basics of fluid power and can be accompanied with students working together on a basic fluid power classroom kit.

Download the Basic Plan

Extensive Classroom Lesson Plan

This curriculum dives in deeper and can include a Fluid Power Action Challenge competition within your class at the end of the session.

Download the Extensive Plan

Using Fluid Power In The Classroom

This is a white paper on different ways to bring fluid power into your middle school classroom.

Download the Whitepaper

Fluid Power Curriculum Standards Alignment

This is a spreadsheet identifying how the action challenge curriculum aligns with math and science standards

Download the Spreadsheet

Participating in the Fluid Power Action Challenge?

There are additional materials available to help.

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Other Resources

Inexpensive fluid power classroom kits are available from:
Mechanical Kits Ltd.

Apply for a grant here to bring fluid power kits to your classroom!

This easy grant form can be applied for on an annual basis so that you can have these hands-on activities in your classroom every year.

Looking for more content for your students? Try these videos:

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