How it Works

To run a successful Action Challenge, you’ll be needing to fill three key roles. These rolls can be handled by individuals or by groups – whatever makes the most sense for your school.


The Coordinator is the conductor of a Challenge event. This person handles all of the organizational details and logistics. He or she is the person everyone goes to with questions.


The Facilitator runs the Workshop and Challenge Days. This person is someone who is knowledgeable about fluid power, preferably a middle or high school science teacher, an instructor from a college or tech school or an engineer from a fluid power company.


Judges can be engineers who work in the industry and are knowledgeable about fluid power. They could also be educators at middle or high schools, tech schools, colleges or school district supervisors. Judges are encouraged to attend the Workshop Day (but not required). They must attend on Challenge Day.

  • You should have 4-6 judges for every 20 teams of students competing.
  • The Head Judge calculates totals and assigns other judges to specific tasks.