Cost Calculator

Estimating cost is often crucial when evaluating educational opportunities for schools or classrooms.
Use our Cost Calculator to help simplify the process of planning a Fluid Power Action Challenge Event. NFPA also has grants available for financial assistance and resources on getting buy-in for your school’s administration.

Grant funds can also be used for hands-on classroom activities. For more information on materials check out Mechanical Kits LTD.

Enter Number of TeamsTo calculate totals (estimates based on 4 students/team)
Item Quantity Cost Total
NFPA Fluid Power Action Challenge Kits
(1 per team)Includes $12.50 shipping and handling per kit
Trophies $40.00 $200.00
T-shirts(for students, teachers, judges)
Medals (with ribbons)(for students)
Lunch – Workshop and Challenge Days